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Table of Contents


Club Philosophy

Welcome Message

Swim Nova Scotia, Executive and Club Meetings


Club Model


Payment, Alumni and University Policy

Out of Province Travel Policy

Team Managers


Web Page


Officiating, Officials’ Code of Conduct

Parents’ Perspective, Parent Participation Point Program

Parents Code of Conduct

Swimming Terminologies


Personal Information Forms

Appendix A           Athlete Contract of Behaviour

Appendix B           Parent Contract of Behaviour

Appendix C           Personal Information Consent Form

Appendix D          Meet Consent Form


Travel Forms

Appendix E           WTSC Chaperone Policy

Appendix F           WTSC Medical Consent Form

Appendix G          Personal Health Form

Appendix H          Medical Policy











Tritons Swim Club

Swimming with Excellence Throughout the Valley




Welcome to the Tritons Swim Club. This handbook has been prepared to provide you with information about the club and to help you understand the sport of swimming.  Should you need any additional information, please contact a member of the Tritons executive or our Head Coach.



Tritons Swim Club Philosophy



The primary objective of the Tritons Swim Club is to provide an opportunity for all members to achieve their potential in the sport of swimming.  Because swimmers join our club at various ability levels, individual progress in the sport will vary.  At the early stages, coaches emphasize developing technical skills, encouraging a love of the sport, and creating a team atmosphere.  As swimmers develop and their level of commitment increases, continued training will ensure opportunities to perform at their highest possible level.


Commitment, hard work, successful goal setting, and long-term planning will ensure a positive outcome for any athlete.  The Tritons Swim Club strives to help members adopt these habits while, at the same time, enjoying all the fun that the sport of swimming has to offer.


Regardless of swimmers’ final standing in competition, the swim team experience will provide them with valuable resources that they can apply to all aspects of their lives.  Through the Tritons Swim Club’s emphasis on leadership, sportsmanship, and self-discipline, all swimmers will gain the opportunity to be the best they can be in the pool and to become better people in the process.






Risk more than others think is safe, expect more than others think is wise, dream more than others think is practical, achieve more than others think is possible!



Welcome Message



On behalf of the executive, we would like to welcome all new and returning swimmers to the Wolfville Tritons Swim Club. We look forward to another exciting and successful swim season.


An outstanding program has been designed for swimmers in every training group. In addition, the executive has worked hard to ensure mechanisms are in place to support the coaches and swimmers as they pursue their goals. Details of the program are presented in this handbook, which has been prepared as a source of information to help you understand the sport of swimming and how our club operates.


We invite you to participate in your child’s swimming experience by becoming active in the Wolfville Tritons Swim Club.  There are many different avenues to become involved.  Consider joining the executive, helping with a committee, working at swim meets, chaperoning or simply cheering for the swimmers.  We would appreciate any assistance you can offer.


Executive and Club Member meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month. Please verify the dates in the handbook or on the website and plan to attend the meetings. Your voice and your ideas are needed.


Finally, please feel free to contact any member of the executive at any time if you have any questions, comments or ideas.  All executive contact information is located on the website.  See you in the stands and have a wonderful swimming season. 



The Executive






 Swim Nova Scotia


Swim Nova Scotia (SNS) is the governing body of amateur swimming in Nova Scotia.  As a member of Swimming Natation Canada, the national governing body, Swim Nova Scotia is affiliated with Aquatic Federation of Canada (AFC) and the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (FINA).


Swim Nova Scotia administers and regulates all matters pertaining to the sport of amateur swimming in Nova Scotia.  All Tritons pay an annual fee to Swim Nova Scotia and are registered and insured through our Provincial Sport Organization. Website address, www.swimnovascotia.com



Executive and Club Meetings


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month during practice time, alternating between an executive meeting and a membership meeting.  A non-executive member is welcomed to attend any meeting, but may vote only during a membership meeting.  Should a club member wish to add an item to the agenda, he/she will contact the secretary, who will add the agenda item.


If a club member wishes, he/she can ask a question, or express a comment or concern to an executive member who will in turn relay the question to the executive at the next executive meeting.









It is not how good you are. Its how bad you want it.






Communication in our swim program is vital. There are several sources of information on the Wolfville Tritons Swim Club Activities.  These include:


     The Club’s Web Page www.tritons.ca


      Facebook, Twitter

      Individual swimmer’s folder located in equipment room in the pool area - each swimmer is assigned a file folder in their group box. Handouts, meet entries and team reminders are placed into the swimmer's folder. Please encourage your swimmer to check his or her mailbox regularly.

      Bulletin board announcements (in the stands)

      Executive and General Club meetings

      Information/Specialty meetings

      Team Manager phone calls

      Press releases via the print media



It is the responsibility of the swimmer/family to access and interpret the information that has been provided through the above sources.  


It is the responsibility of the swimmer/family be to aware of practice times, swim meets, training camps, fundraising activities, meetings, clinics, special events, fee structure, club policies etc.  If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to seek clarification from your coach, Head Coach or the Executive.




Our coaches are available before or after practice to answer individual questions or concerns. It is best if you call/email and arrange a meeting time in advance. During practice sessions, coaches are hired to work with the entire team and are not able to address individual concerns.  Parents are to stay off the pool deck during all practices and swim meets.


Should there be a specific concern, please adhere to the following procedure:

      Parent speaks to the coach concerned; if not satisfied

      Parent speaks to the Head Coach; if satisfaction is still not achieved

      Parent should write a letter to the WTSC Executive concerning the problem, outlining the communications the parent has had with the coaches and stating what he or she considers to be a resolution of the concern

      The Executive will meet and facilitate a resolution



Every Triton swimmer will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one conference with his/her coach.  These sessions will provide an opportunity to review goals and discuss individual progress.  Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings.


If you ever have any questions regarding the Tritons program, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Coach or any Executive member.




Goals of the Wolfville Tritons Swim 

Club Model:


o      To allow athletes to develop to their maximum potential as swimmers and individuals through a commitment to personal excellence.

o      To provide an atmosphere for athletes to acquire an understanding of the importance of setting and achieving individual goals.

o      To allow athletes to develop an appreciation of the importance and process of working within a group toward a common goal(s).

o      To cultivate positive working relationships with other clubs and sport related organizations within the province of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

o      To produce competitive athletes on the provincial, regional and national levels through all of these pursuits.




WTSC offers the following programs:


1) Novice Training Squad

2) Intermediate Training Squad

3) Junior B Training Squad

4) Junior A Training Squad

5)   Senior Training Squad

Good swimmers come and go but their hearts last a life time


Novice: NovaTech Participation level swimmers

Intermediate: NovaTech swimmers in Levels 1 and 2

Junior B: Age Group swimmers without Junior Provincial Qualifying standards

Junior A: Age Group Swimmers who have met Junior Provincial Qualifying standards

Senior: Age Group swimmers with NS Provincial Qualifying standards who are minimum 15 years old this competition season




The Wolfville Tritons Swim Club is a competitive swim club. While it recognizes that each member may have differing levels of competition and performance, it nonetheless depends on its members from all of the competitive levels in the club for representation at all relevant competition opportunities.


Swimmers attending swim meets are required to have the following equipment:

•       Team T-Shirt with current WTSC Logo

•       Team swim cap

•       Goggles

•       Racing suit

•       Water Bottle

•       Extra goggles, suit, cap and t-shirt

Swimmers are expected to arrive on deck and be ready for warm up 15 minutes prior to the start of the actual warm up, unless otherwise directed by the head coach or designate.


Swimmers who do not have proper team uniform/equipment may be subject to scratch from the session/meet. This includes not having Arena swimsuits and uniform, or wearing competing brands.


Each level of the WTSC program and the respective competition opportunities are designed to be age and developmentally appropriate within the context of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). Swimming Canada and the Canadian Sport Centers have developed an LTAD model upon which the WTSC program is based. 


Swimmers in the Novice Training Group are considered to be pre-competitive. This means that they may not compete at the start of the season, but the goal of the program is to help them develop and progress with competition readiness as the desired outcome. Many swimmers at this level are competing regularly by the end of the season.


Swimmers in the Intermediate Training Group will be competing in the Nova Tech program of provincial competition. Swim meet opportunities occur roughly every eight weeks.


Swimmers in the Junior B, Junior A and Senior Training Groups compete in the age group program of Swim Nova Scotia. Swim meets occur roughly every four to six weeks and can range from invitational meets to the provincial and national level. Swim meets at the provincial and national level require swimmers to meet qualifying standards for admission into the meet.


A schedule of swim meets for the invitational, provincial and national levels are available on the Swim Nova Scotia website at http://www.swimnovascotia.com/yearround-meets.

Payment of Club Fees

Monthly fees are due on the first day of each month (post-dated cheques or money order).  An interest charge of 2% per month (24% per annum) will be assessed on accounts over 30 days. Cash will not be accepted – please make cheques or money orders payable to WTSC.  A fee of $30.00 will be assessed on NSF cheques.  In the case of athletes traveling to major events outside the province (meets, training camps), families will be required to pay the full airfare at time of booking and 90% of estimated costs for hotel and van rental.  The final 10% will be paid upon return from the trip.  Refer to the WTSC Out-of-Province Travel Policy for full details.



WTSC University & Alumni Policy


In the interests of retaining a positive and long-standing relationship with WTSC alumni who have graduated from the program, the club offers training for a nominal fee of $250 to former WTSC swimmers who wish to train and compete with the club at the end of the university season. This fee covers training/pool costs for May/June/July.


In cases of age group swimmers who have left the WTSC program on positive terms (moving, etc), WTSC will waive registration fees for these swimmers on short-term basis (short stays of 1-2 weeks per year), provided they are in good standing with the club. In cases where a former WTSC swimmer or swimmers from other clubs/provinces who wish to train with WTSC for extended periods of time, registration fees will be prorated based on the duration of the stay and the level of the club the swimmer(s) will be training in.


In the instances of returning WTSC university swimmers, the Parent Participation Points and fundraising obligations will be waived. In the instances of returning WTSC swimmers or swimmers from other clubs joining WTSC mid-season, the Parent Participation Points and fundraising commitments will be pro-rated for the duration of the season.


In all of the situations above, these swimmers will still have to pay for any meet fees and Provincial Sport Organization/National Sport Organization fees required for them to compete.




Out-of-Province Travel Policy


The WTSC has designed the following travel policy to be used for out-of-province competitions and training camps:

▪     The TEAM always comes first

▪     The club may make the flight arrangements unless you wish to fly by air miles or make own bookings – then you book your own flight and make ground transportation arrangements to the hotel (if you are on a different flight)

▪     Airfare must be paid at time of booking. Provide cheque or money-order payable to WTSC,   dated the day of booking

▪     Swimmers will stay in team rooms, unless otherwise designated by Head Coach

▪     Accommodation and ground transportation costs will be divided evenly among all swimmers, regardless of how many per room (or van)

▪     An estimate of total costs will be presented to families’ approx. 2 to 4 weeks before travel.  Families will be required to pay 90% of this estimate, due according to the payment schedule outlined for that particular event.  The remaining fees will be collected within 2 weeks of notification of final costs.

▪     Parents may elect to come to these events.   If they wish to travel with the team, they will pay an equal share of ground transportation and hotel accommodation (please note that swimmer arrangements will come first, and if there is room, parents will be accommodated in the team van or rental vehicle).

▪     It is recognized that some parents may choose to make their own accommodation and ground travel arrangements (i.e. staying with friends, family hotel room etc).  If this is the case, the Head Coach must be notified well in advance of the meet and the club/coach will not bear any responsibility for this athlete’s travel or well being except during the competition.

▪     Swimmers will maintain a code of appropriate dress and behavior and exercise good judgment

▪     Swimmers will comply with training, traveling, competition curfew and behavior guidelines as set by the Head Coach

* There is a zero tolerance policy for the purchase, consumption or provision to others of any and all alcohol and controlled drugs at all events and meets that the Tritons attend (whether or not swimmers have reached the age of majority in the province hosting the event). Swimmers in violation of this portion of the Travel Policy will be immediately withdrawn from the competition and returned home at their family’s expense as soon as return travel can be arranged. They will be in violation of the Athlete Contract of Behavior and will be suspended accordingly.  

▪     When parents/families are traveling with the group, we recognize they may take side trips and tours.  Any such plans involving the swimmer must be negotiated with the Head Coach before leaving Nova Scotia, as it is important for the team to stay together for meals, activities etc.  The coach and chaperone(s) (if designated for a particular event) take their roles very seriously and expect parent cooperation and understanding in their efforts to maintain group safety and cohesiveness.

▪     You will be required to fill out and return the meet consent for Appendix E and the contract of behavior form Appendix B.

▪     You will be required to fill out and return a Medical Consent Form and Personal Health Form (Appendix G and H).


Team Managers


The team managers are responsible for coordinating non-coaching aspects of the teams’ operations. Competitive swimmers will most often hear from the team managers with regard to meet planning. For example, the team managers keep swimmers informed of meet dates and locations, and assist with travel and accommodation arrangements.  Pre-competitive swimmers will most often hear from team managers with regard to swim club events and functions.


Team managers are well placed to bring concerns related to their particular training groups via the team manager representative on the board of directors. Ideas, concerns, and questions may be channeled to the executive through each team manager.


Team managers and contact information for each swim group will be listed on the web page www.tritons.ca




The Wolfville Tritons Swim Club is an Arena sponsored club. Its swimmers are expected to wear Arena suits and equipment in competition, and each member of the club is to purchase one (1) Arena suit at the start of the season at a discounted team rate (included in the registration). This rate shall also apply to team warm ups (track suits) and backpacks.


In exchange for this arrangement, Arena Swimming shall supply the following for our club’s Age Group National, Eastern and Senior National qualifiers (up to 5 swimmers; if there are more, the cost of additional package(s) will be split among all qualifiers):



Athlete must attend competition one time per year.

·      ARENA Swim Performance Suit

·      ARENA Swim T-shirt

Swimmers are expected to bring the following equipment to the pool each day:

•       Swimsuit

•       Goggles

•       Cap (for swimmers with hair that is past their eyes)

•       Water Bottle

•       Spare suit, goggles, cap


Swimmers are expected to be on deck 15 minutes prior to the start of the practice, and are to arrive on the pool deck changed and ready to swim.


For swim meets, swimmers MUST have the following:

•       Team T-Shirt with current WTSC Logo

•       Team swim cap

•       Goggles

•       Blue Arena racing suit

•       Water Bottle

•       Extra goggles, suit, cap and t-shirt


Swimmers are expected to arrive on deck and ready for warm up 15 minutes prior to the start of the actual warm up, unless otherwise directed by the head coach or designate.


Swimmers who do not have proper team uniform/equipment may be subject to scratch from the session/meet. This includes not having Arena Swim suits and team shirt, or wearing competing brands.






Web Page


The WTSC website (www.tritons.ca) is the primary method of communication from the club to the club members. All newsletters, fundraising news, notices and upcoming events will be added to the site and members are encouraged to check regularly for updates.


There is a contact page on the website as well as links to the email addresses of our Board members; please feel free to contact the club with any questions or concerns. We use the website and the email addresses provided to us during registration to keep members up to date on current happenings. Please make sure to let us know if your contact information changes during the season.






We will be fundraising throughout the season; fundraising keeps our swim fees lower and raises the profile of the club in the community! Fundraisers may include:

Candle sales, New Years Eve Dance, Vesey’s Seeds, Fundscript, Gift Card Tree, Dump N’Run, Swimathon, Car Wash, BBQ etc.

Established fundraisers include volunteering at the Valley Harvest Marathon (all hands on deck for this one!), Wolfville Tree Lighting and Just Us! coffee sales.

Some ideas that have been put forward and may be organized and included are a Rubber Duck race, Chocolate bars, Honey Sales. Please feel free to bring suggestions forward for any ideas you might have.







All parents are encouraged to get involved in officiating, as it is one of the best ways to understand and enjoy the sport.  Clinics and information sessions will be available to teach you the different roles and guidelines. 


Swimming is a sport that requires parent involvement, and officiating gives you a chance to contribute to your swimmer’s development. Each swim club is required to provide a certain number of officials for each session of a swim meet. The number of officials which the Tritons has to supply is directly related to the number of swimmers attending a swim meet.


In Nova Scotia, clubs sending three (3) or more swimmers to any Swim Nova Scotia sanctioned competition are required to provide at least one official/volunteer per session.  Clubs sending twenty (20) or more swimmers to any Swim Nova Scotia sanctioned competition are required to provide at least two officials per session.  The names of the officials/volunteers are to accompany meet entries.


Officials’ Code of Conduct


1.   Be at the pool ready to work at least 45 minutes before the session is to begin.

2.   Report promptly to the officials’ area and sign in.  By doing so, you let the referee know that you have arrived.

3.   Accept an assignment to officiate at a meet only if you intend to honor the commitment.

4.   Accept the assignment you are given at a meet.

5.   Do not leave your assigned position.

6.   If you want to leave your post to watch your son or daughter swim, make sure that you have a replacement.

7.   Know the rules as they apply to your assigned position.

8.   Be impartial (do not cheer for individual swimmers).

9.   Dress in white shirt and black bottoms. Senior officials (stroke and turn, starter, referee) wear a royal blue golf shirt for the finals sessions at meets with prelims and finals.

10.Remember that the referee’s decision is final.

11.Remain cool and professional at all times.  Refer any problems that may come your way to the referee.





Parents’ Perspective


As a parent your major responsibility is to provide a stable, loving and supportive environment. Show your interest by ensuring your child’s attendance, by coming to meets, and by being aware of what is going on.  Parents are not participants on their child’s team, but contribute to the success experienced by the child and the team - providing transportation, officiating, and fundraising are a few ways to contribute positively.  If children see swimming as a sport, with an opportunity to learn skills, compete, increase confidence, and have fun they are able to go with the flow, relax and enjoy themselves while in the pool.


Be aware that your attitude will often set the tone for your children.  More than likely your child will make mistakes; remember that they are still learning.  Encourage all efforts, and point out the things done well.  Some mistakes often made by parents are that their questions center too much on the outcome instead of the process (“Did you win?” or “How did you place?”).  This emphasis sends the message that mistakes are occasions of failure rather than opportunities to learn - this is wrong.  The most important part of a child’s swimming experience is that they learn about themselves while enjoying the sport.  A healthy environment encourages learning and fun, which will develop a positive self-image within each child.  Be enthusiastic and supportive.


Strive to be positive role models and most importantly, show good sportsmanship at all times towards coaches, officials, opponents and teammates.  The coach is the only one qualified to judge a swimmer’s performance and technique, so let the coach do the coaching.  Coaches are not always right, but you cannot help the situation by making negative statements.  Remember that your child is the swimmer, and that he/she needs to establish individual goals and make progress towards them.  Be careful not to impose your own standards or goals.







Parents Participation Point Program


For any youth athletic organization to be truly successful it must be an athlete centered, coach driven and parent supported program.  With an organization as broad and diverse as the Wolfville Tritons Swim Club, there are a tremendous number of roles and responsibilities to be taken on, and must be covered by the parents and guardians of the clubs’ swimmers.


As with most organizations, there are often those who are willing to take on more roles and responsibilities than others. However, for every parent or guardian who does not contribute with club operations, there has to be someone else who takes the job to make sure the club is able to operate smoothly.


Furthermore, we must make sure that a legacy is created from one generation to the next, so that the volunteer operations of the club are able to continue with little interruption as roles and responsibilities change hands.


Keeping all of this in mind, the WTSC executive has adopted a Parents’ Participation Point Program. Each swimmer registered within the Tritons will also have a number of points allotted to them based on their level of swimming in the club. Families with multiple swimmers in the water will receive consideration of this fact in the same fashion they receive financial consideration when paying club fees.

1 Point is equal to $25. Parents/guardians must sign a post-dated cheque (June 15 of that season) for the cumulative number of points they are expected to work at the start of the season.


Cheques will be cashed on June 15 if points have not been worked off by that date. If all of the points are worked off by the June 15 date, then the participation points’ cheque will be returned to the family and/or destroyed. In the case of partial points remaining of the parent’s obligation, the club will write a cheque for the value of points worked off and retain the remainder.

Excess points earned per season are not redeemable for cash or club fees, and points are non-transferable from one member to another. As well, parent participation points must also be earned by the parent/guardian of WTSC swimmer(s), and may not be earned by the swimmer(s) and/or siblings or friends.


As with any other community organization, the adage of “many hands make light work” rings true. It is hoped that as time goes on, the sense of community created by this point based system will ultimately lead to a healthy base of parent volunteers within the Tritons organization and to a legacy of dedicated and supportive parents helping their children succeed in and out of the pool.


SQUAD                                 1st CHILD                  2nd CHILD                 3rd CHILD+

Novice                                     10 points                      8 points                    4 points

Intermediate                        12 points                    10 points                    6 points

Junior B                                  16 points                    12 points                    8 points

Junior  A                                  20 points                    16 points                  12 points

Senior                                       25 points                    20 points                  15 points

Summer Swimmer              6 points                      4 points                      2 points


1 POINT      WTSC delegate at Swim NS AGM, $26-50 Donation / Financial referral to WTSC, Referral of new WTSC member, Attending general meetings, Volunteering at Time Trials involving WTSC swimmers (any position), Volunteering at team special events (approx. 3 hour shift)


2 POINTS     Timing (WTSC hosted meet – 1 session), Timing (away meet – 1 session), CFJ (Chief Finish Judge – 1 session), Attendance at WTSC AGM, Canteen work (WTSC hosted meet - 1 shift, approximately 3 hours), Hospitality room work (WTSC hosted meet - 1 shift, approximately 3 hours), $51-100 Donation / Financial Referral to WTSC, WTSC Subcommittee membership, Marshal at WTSC hosted NT meet

3 POINTS     Stroke & Turn Judge – 1 session, $101-200 Donation / Financial Referral to WTSC, Canteen Donation for WTSC hosted meet ($101 or more), Clean-up at Team special events, Marshal at WTSC hosted NT Explosion


4 POINTS.    Starter  – 1 session, $201-300 Donation / Financial Referral to WTSC, Hospitality Room Coordinator (WTSC Hosted Nova Tech Meet - single day), Canteen Organizer for WTSC hosted meet (Nova Tech - single day)

5 POINTS.   Referee – 1 session,   Member of Swim NS Board of Directors, $301-400 Donation / Financial Referral to WTSC


6 POINTS     Hospitality Room Coordinator (WTSC Hosted Meet - multi-day), Canteen Organizer for WTSC hosted meet (WTSC Hosted Meet - multi-day), $401–500 Donation / Financial Referral to WTSC, Chairperson of WTSC subcommittee 


7 POINTS     $501-600 Donation / Financial Referral to WTSC


8 POINTS     $601+ Donation / Financial Referral to WTSC, WTSC Communications Director, WTSC Website Administrator

9 POINTS         WTSC Past President, WTSC Team Manager, WTSC Equipment Manager

10 POINTS   Meet Manager, $801-1000 Donation / Financial Referral to WTSC


12 POINTS   Chaperone for an away meet of 3 days in length or longer, WTSC Coach for season (Level 2 certified or above), WTSC Club Secretary, WTSC Parent Participation Program Administrator

15 POINTS.     WTSC Club Registrar, WTSC Club Treasurer/ WTSC Financial Officer, WTSC Club Vice President, WTSC Fundraising Chair 

23 POINTS        WTSC Club President



Note:  In order to earn the points awarded for the executive positions, the member must attend 80% of the executive/general meetings. No partial points will be awarded.



Parent Code of Conduct


WTSC is fortunate to have highly experienced, professional coaches working to develop our children into better swimmers and more importantly, disciplined people.  As parents, it is absolutely essential that we give our coaching staff the respect and authority they deserve to run our swim team. Our coaches are hired for that purpose.


WTSC as an organization that highly encourages the following parental behavior:


I.                        Practice teamwork with all parents, swimmers and coaches by supporting the values of Discipline, Loyalty, Commitment and Hard Work.


II.                      As a parent, I will not coach or instruct the team or any swimmer at a practice or meets (from the stands or any other area) or interfere with coaches on the pool deck.


III.                    Demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a manner that earns the respect of my child, other swimmers, parents, officials and the coaches at meets and practices.


IV.             Maintain self-control at all times.  Know my role.

                        Swimmers – Swim                     Coaches – Coach   

                        Officials – Officiate                     Parents – Parent


V.              As a parent, I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials, and/or any participating swimmer will not be permitted or tolerated.


VI.             Enjoy involvement with Wolfville Tritons Swim Club by supporting the swimmers, coaches and other parents with positive communication and actions.


VII.                  During competitions, questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials are directed to a member of our coaching staff.  Parents address officials via the coaching staff only.





Swimming Terminology


Warm-ups / Start time- All swim meets all have specific warm up and start times.  Warm ups are typically 1 hour long and swimmers should be at the pool 15 minutes before the specified warm up time. The start time is the time that the actual swim races will begin.

Heats & Finals- At some swim meets, there are 2 sessions per day: heats and finals. Heats are usually in the morning, where every swimmer entered in the race will swim. Finals are usually swum at night, where only the top 8 swimmers from each race swum in the morning will race again.

Timed Finals- Timed finals are events where there are no prelims/finals. The swimmer only swims the race once. All future league meets are timed finals. Some longer races at heats/finals meets may be timed finals (ex. 800 free, 400 IM, or 200 fly).

Stroke Count- the number of strokes taken in a given distance. Ex. Count strokes for once length.

LTAD – Long Term Athlete Development

PSO – Provincial Sport Organization

NSO – National Sport Organization

Short Course – 25m Long Pool

Long Course – 50m Long Pool (Olympic Sized)

SNC –            Swimming/Natation Canada

SNS – Swim Nova Scotia

IM –    Individual Medley (all 4 strokes swum in the following order:

Butterfly * Backstroke * Breaststroke * Freestyle

Flip Turn – Turn done by executing a somersault – used in freestyle and backstroke

Touch Turn – Turn done by touching the wall with both hands simultaneously before turning around – used in butterfly and breaststroke




Appendix A






Recognizing that Wolfville Tritons are a team of many athletes, all of whom have an equal right to take part, I____________________, hereby agree to behave in a manner that encourages a positive team atmosphere and images at all junctures.




I,_______________________, shall adhere to each of the following behaviors in both competitive and training settings:


1.  I will refrain from all forms of negative talk: about myself, my swims, my teammates, my coach, and other swimmers, etc.

Initial; ______


2.  I will always treat others and myself with the respect they deserve.

Initial; ______


3.  I will not engage in behaviors that are directly or indirectly disruptive to my teammates.

Initial; ______

4.  I will not consume, purchase or provide to others any alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances at any event or meet which the Tritons are attending. This includes travel to national meets in other provinces where I may be of legal age to purchase alcohol; this policy is in effect for the duration of the meet or event and includes the return travel home.

Initial; _____ 

5.  I will always act as a positive role ambassador for the Tritons when dealing with swimmers, parents, coaches and officials from other clubs.

Initial; ______


6.  I will be a positive role model to younger athletes: those who are members of the Tritons as well as those who are from other clubs.

Initial; ______


7.  I shall abide by all reasonable requests from my coach without incident.

Initial; ______


8.  Should I disagree with my coach, I will ask to speak with him or her to address the matter in a calm, dignified and respectful manner. This will happen within 24 hours following the practice or meet involved.

Initial; ______


            a. Furthermore I recognize that my coach and I may continue to disagree, but that I am expected to carry out the initial request/decision of the coach without incident.

Initial; ______





Should I fail to live up to the behaviors and expectations listed above, the consequences shall be as follows, in sequence:


Step 1

A one week suspension from swimming with WTSC, as well as all other SNC sanctioned organizations and events during that period.

Initial: ______

Step 2

A one month suspension from swimming with WTSC, as well as all other SNC sanctioned organizations and events during that period of time.

Initial: ______

Step 3

A suspension from swimming with WTSC for the remainder of the current swim season.

Initial: ______




I, ____________________ with the support and agreement of my parents, have read and hereby agree to each of the above listed behaviors and consequences for the remainder of my career with the Wolfville Tritons Swim Club



_______________________________ Date_________________________

Athlete Signature


_______________________________Date _________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Signature


_______________________________Date _________________________

Head Coach Signature










Appendix B



I, ______________________________ have read and completely understand the Parent Code of Conduct. 

I will practice and encourage teamwork with all parents, coaches, swimmers, and officials.  I will demonstrate sportsmanship by conducting myself in a respectful manner at all practices and swim meets.

I will not coach or instruct the team or any swimmer in any way at practice or at meets from the stands or any other area.  I will not interfere with the coaches on the pool deck in any way.

I understand that any form of criticizing, name calling, or use of abusive language and gestures directed toward anyone in the swim community will not be permitted or accepted. 

During competitions, I will keep any questions or concerns I have with officiating to myself until it is convenient for me to talk to the coach.  I will only direct these questions and concerns towards the swim coach, not the officials.  I will also keep any questions or concerns I have with the coach to myself until it is convenient for the coach and myself to have a rational discussion.


                                                Signed (parent’s name): __________________________

                                                            Date:                    __________________________
























Appendix C

Swimming/Natation Canada & Swim Nova Scotia

Personal Information Consent Form

Wolfville Tritons Swim Club


Swimmer’s Name: _____________________________     (the “Swimmer”)  


Registration Number: __________________  

(if available)  


Please carefully read, complete and sign this form.   

A parent or legal guardian must sign for those swimmers under the age of 18.  


The federal Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (and equivalent

provincial legislation) requires that consent be obtained prior to the collection and use of all

personal information.


The personal information you provide to the Club from this registration will be used for the

purposes reasonably associated with the swimming activities conducted by the Club. These

purposes include national, provincial and event registration, insurance coverage, training and

competition participation, and competition results’ publication.  Some of the information you

provide will be passed on to Swimming/Natation Canada (“SNC”) and Swim Nova Scotia, for

purposes including association registration, insurance coverage and:


a) ensuring swimmers train and compete in an age appropriate environment;

b) establishing athlete eligibility for selection to swim teams;

c) establishing pertinent medical records;

d) reporting non-identifying, demographic and participation statistics to funder's, sponsors

and other authorized 3rd parties;

e) publishing athletes’ names, genders, ages, club affiliations on swimming websites or in

results, news releases and ranking reports; and

f) making direct contact with swimmers as necessary for the operation of the Club, Swim

Nova Scotia and SNC.


Additional personal information may be collected from time to time. Consent for the use of this

personal information may be inferred where its uses are obvious and it has been voluntarily



Complete texts of the Privacy/Personal Information Policies (variously the “Policy” or “Policies”)

may be found at: for SNC at: www.swimming.ca ; and for Swim Nova Scotia at:



Should a swimmer wish to review their personal information held by the Club, Swim Nova Scotia,

or SNC, they must make a request to the appropriate organization pursuant to that organization’s

Policy. Further, swimmers may withdraw consent to use their personal information pursuant to the

Policies. Such a withdrawal however, may require the cancellation of your membership with and

suspension of your activities of the Club, Swim Nova Scotia and SNC.


All swimmers or their parent or legal guardian must sign a copy of this form.

I hereby consent to the collection and use of my personal information as described above.


___________________________  _________________________  

Signature of Swimmer (18 or older)  Date  

or Parent/Guardian  



Print name and relationship to Swimmer  

(if signed by Guardian                                                   



  Appendix D




Athlete Name:  ________________________________


Meet: ________________________________________


Date:  _______________________________________


Return form by:  ______________________________


Cost Estimate per swimmer:

    Hotel estimate:  _____________________                      

    Van Rental/Gas estimate:  _____________

    Total Estimate:  _____________________


Pre-Payment Due Date: ________________________           


Amount (90% of total estimate):  _________________


Updated Medical Information: 



Health Card #:  ____________________ Expiry Date: __________ 



I agree to:

•       Read and abide by the Travel Policy, as designed by the WTSC

•       Submit my checks as outlined in the payment schedule, realizing these are estimated costs and the last payment will be adjusted according to final figures

•       Secure medical insurance for my son/daughter’s travel, either through my current health plan or by purchasing additional insurance as necessary.  Proof is required for travel outside of Canada

•       Grant permission for my son/daughter to travel to this event

•       Submit signed Athlete Contract of Behaviour


Parent Signature:      ____________________________________

Date:                          ____________________________________





Appendix E

                  Wolfville Tritons Chaperone policy


The primary concern for any chaperone is the safety and welfare of all the athletes they are traveling with.  Guidelines are listed below.

            Must have:

•       A valid drivers license, adequate insurance, credit card, CAA (or equivalent) is an asset but not mandatory.

•       Completed a Police record check.

•       Current First aid and CPR.  (An asset)

•       Access to a cell phone for the duration of the trip, and provide the number to all families prior to leaving for the trip.

•       The ratio of chaperones to swimmers should be based on the age of the group going, younger swimmers will need more support and supervision. When there are 4 or more swimmers 13 or under the ratio of chaperones to swimmers should be 4:1. With the older swimmers the ratio could be 6:1, thus allowing the chaperone to be the driver for their particular group.

•       Consideration given to having one male and one female chaperone when more than one chaperone is required and there are male and female swimmers.


•       Have a pre-departure meeting with parents coaches and athletes to discuss all aspects of the trip- travel arrangements, ground transportation, room assignments curfews, menus and grocery lists if cooking, meal budgets, medical concerns, behavior expectations, free time activities.

•       Keep a team bag with them at all times. This may contain all documents relating to the trip such as completed medical forms, health cards, all contact information, travel permission slips, any required medication, and a first aid kit.

•       If the chaperone has one or more children on the trip, the parent must act as chaperone for the group first and the parent second.

•       Be available to all swimmers any time, day or night.

•       Responsible for Hotel check-in/out, late check out, has the phone blocked as well as the pay per view channels.

•       Obtain a spare key for all rooms.

•       Confirm wake up calls for everyone.

•       Accompany any athlete requiring medical attention.  In the case were there is only one chaperone then the head coach will assume the responsibility of all athletes until the chaperone returns. Parents of the athlete will be notified as soon as possible.

•     Swimmers not staying with the team on away meets are not the responsibility of the chaperone outside of the swim complex. Parents wishing to make their own arrangements must be available at the appropriate pick up times following heats and finals.

•       If swimmers are to be billeted, confirm host families have been matched with the correct athlete. Confirm meeting times with all families and swimmers. (Pick up and drop off times)

•       Not to smoke or consume alcohol for the duration of the trip.

•       Communicate effectively with the Coach, keeping them informed of any issues arising with the athletes (using regular meetings through out the meet, with the athletes and coaches)

•       Assist the Coaching staff and athletes wherever possible. Be available (24/7) at all times and be flexible.

•      If time is available, organize and monitor field trip, which would include any activities that would allow the whole team to take part, at the coach’s discretion.

•      The executive will deal with any exceptions to any of these policies and families will be notified.


•       Have the authority to discipline any athlete for;

      - Inappropriate behavior

      - Drinking

      - Drugs

      - Excessive rowdiness

      - Vandalism

•       Notify coaches, athletes and parents of inappropriate behaviour, and agree to appropriate consequences, i.e. flight home. 

•       Arrange for transportation from the event to the hotel.

•       In the event that an athlete is sent home his or her parents will assume all costs associated with sending the child home.

•      If for some reason it is not possible to send the athlete home, then the athlete will be removed from the remainder of the competition.


•       When club chaperones are traveling with a group, all costs associated with traveling will be covered by the club and/or divided between the parents of the athletes attending the meet.

•       The parents of the athletes traveling to the meet will (shared equally amongst them) provide a meal allowance of $20 per day, for the duration of the trip.

•       When parents contact the chaperone via cell phone, they are responsible for any costs associated with cell phone use. (Cell phone number may be a local call; however, airtime will still generate a bill.)










Appendix F  

Medical Consent Form- Wolfville Tritons 

Swim Club (WTSC)


Swimmer’s Name:

Swimmer’s Home Address:

Swimmer’s Home Phone Number:

Mother’s Work and/or Cell Phone:

Father’s Work and/or Cell Phone:

Other Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number:


Doctor’s Name:

Doctor’s Phone Number:

Provincial Health Card Number and Expiry Date:


Private Health Plan Name and Number:




As the parent/guardian of the above named swimmer, I/we give consent for the WTSC team chaperone(s) to obtain any medical services necessary for the health and safety of my/our child. I/we give consent to any medical practitioners to provide any medical services, including treatments, necessary for the health and safety of my child. I agree to assume any costs associated with the medical services deemed necessary.

The team chaperone(s) will not administer any medications to the swimmer unless authorized by a parent/guardian.

I/we release WTSC and the chaperone(s) against any claim by or on behalf of a swimmer as a result of their actions taken in accordance with the Medical Consent/Health form. I/we agree that WTSC, it’s personnel and team chaperone(s) shall not be responsible for any accident, damage, injury, sickness, or loss at anytime during or while traveling to and from the swim meet and related activities.

Signature(s) of parent(s)/guardian(s):  ____________________________________

                                                Date:         ____________________________________


All information provided is strictly confidential except when required by Health Care Providers for medical services.

Appendix G

Personal Health Form

Swimmer’s full name:__________________________________________________


Date of birth: _________________________  Age:  ________________________


Height:  _____________________________ Weight:  _____________________


1.   Please list any health concerns such as asthma, diabetes etc:




2.   Please list any known allergies (meds, insects, food etc) and the reaction to look for:


Does your child carry an Epi-pen?

Do they need assistance with the Epi-pen?


3.   Please list any medications your child is taking (include dose and frequency):



Will the medication be held by the swimmer________ or chaperone _______?

Does the swimmer need assistance/supervision with the medications?

No__ Yes__ (please expand)


4.  If your child develops headache, fever, pain, nausea please indicate what medications the swimmer uses:


To the best of my knowledge, my child is in good health and is able to participate in all meet/trip activities. I/we certify that all of the above information is true and complete, to the best of my knowledge.


Signature of parent/guardian:        _______________________________________

                                    Date:               _______________________________________


I give permission for the team chaperone(s) to administer the medications listed above in the manner listed above.


Signature of parent/guardian:        _______________________________________

                                    Date:               _______________________________________




Appendix H

Medical Policy:


The Wolfville Tritons swim club recognizes that there will be times when swimmers will not be able to train due to medical reasons.


If a swimmer will be out of the water for 12 training days or more, training fees will be waived for the duration of the dates included in the Doctor’s documentation (dates must be included).


There must be must be documentation from the health professional(s) responsible for the swimmer’s treatment in order for training fees to be waived.


The fee will be prorated and credited to the swimmer’s account.

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