Upcoming Meet Information and Results


Swim NS Schedule of Events 2017-2018 (all events) 

Age Group Meets 2017-2018

Nova Tech Meets 2017-2018

Masters Meets 2018-2019

Age Group Meet Information and Results

Dal Meet Oct. 22nd (Dalplex Pool, Halifax) RESULTS

Acadia Meet Nov. 10-12 RESULTS

Candy Cane Meet Dec. 15-17 RESULTS

Seniors Development Meet-Dalplex Jan. 12-13 RESULTS 

Juniors Development Meet-Jan. 13-14 RESULTS

Juniors -Feb. 16 to 18 RESULTS

David Fry meet March RESULTS

Long Course Age Group Development meet March 23-24 RESULTS

NB LC Championship meet March 23-25 RESULTS

Age Group Development Meet May 4-6 RESULTS

Age Group Development Meet RESULTS

Juniors Meet RESULTS

Ken Dunn Championships

Nova Tech Meet Information and Results

Nova Tech Meet Universite Sainte-Anne, Clare RESULTS

Nova Tech Meet #2 Acadia Athletics Complex, Wolfville RESULTS

Nova Tech Meet #3, Clare RESULTS

Nova Tech Meet #4 Greenwood RESULTS

Nova Tech Meet #5 RESULTS

Nova Tech Explosion RESULTS

***For ALL swim meets, please call or text (preferred) Coach Moira ASAP  if they are NOT attending the meet.***


Equipment required by each team member when attending a swim meet:

Swim suits

Club cap – the blue one

Goggles x2. Ensure both pairs are wearable. Do not bring a broken pair as your second pair!

Club t shirts – more than one for meets over several days

Tracksuit or pants & top


Skipping rope

Shoes & socks. There is no point warming up then walking around in bare feet – and safety requires you wear shoes when leaving the deck area. Runners trump flip-flops for warmth!

Water bottle – filled with water

Snacks – work out when you last ate, when you will eat again & bring snacks to fill that void. Do not bring enough to feed the 5000!

Distraction – a book, comic, ipod – whatever it takes to keep your mind busy – homework if you want!


DO NOT BRING anything you might lose & get upset about. Keep valuables at home!

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