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Coaching Staff 2017-2018

Head coach Moira Milward: After completing a competitive swimming career culminating in international honors representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games & Great Britain in the Olympic games & World student games, Moira began coaching. She has coached in the UK, in BC and after a break began coaching in Nova Scotia.

Moira’s philosophy of coaching is that the swimmer is the focus. She is clear that all she does in coaching is to help the athlete – whether it’s stroke development, competition skills, nutritional guidance or other character building support. Watching the young athlete mature is part of the joy of coaching.

Previous careers in Moira’s life are teaching, and RN, BScN. Now with those careers behind her, the focus is on building her portfolio of coaching education. Ever the student, she loves to learn and absorb ideas that will assist in swimmer development.

She loves working with the Wolfville Tritons and seeing where they can go!

Jessica Bent has been teaching kids to swim (as well as coaching) for almost ten years. She is certified NCCP Level 1. Jessica is currently enrolled in a Masters of Theology program at Acadia University. She is a former member of the Acadia Varsity swim team where she specialized in butterfly and backstroke. Jessica is coaching the Nova Tech swimmers again this year.

Caitlin Spackman is an Acadia student in the Education program. She was an age group swimmer for 6 years with the Shearwater Bluefins and swam one year with the Acadia Varsity team. This is her 6th year coaching with the Tritons. Caitlin will work with both the Nova Tech and Age Group swimmers this year and is excited to be back this season! 

Hayden Adams is a graduate from the Recreation Management program at Acadia University, as well as NCCP Level 1 certified. After 5 years as a member of the Windsor Bluefins Swim Club, 3 years with the Wolfville Tritons, and 4 years with the Acadia Axemen, he has switched gears to coach with the Wolfville Tritons. Hayden was a member of the 2013 Canada Games Swim Team, as well as a Senior National, and CIS qualifier. Having ended his swimming career in the Spring of 2016, Hayden is excited to pass on his knowledge of the sport to next generation of Tritons. Hayden will primarily be coaching with the Age group swimmers this season. He is all about helping swimmers be the best they can be, and having a lot of fun along the way!

Zach Petropolis is a senior Kinesiology student at Acadia University volunteering within the SIAM (Sports Injury Assessment and Management) and APT (Acadia Performance Training) practicums, working with the varsity athletes to help them reach their goals. Zach was a summer swimmer since the age of 4 and graduated from the Bedford Beavers at the age of 18, as he also worked as an assistant coach during his final competitive season. He has been coaching swimming for 6 years with many organizations across the province including The Bedford Beavers Swim Team, Halifax Trojans Aquatic Club, Wolfville Tritons Swim Club, and The Nova Scotia Summer Swimming Provincial Team. He has become NCCP Level 1 certified and is currently Level 2 Trained. Zach will be working with both the Age group and Nova Tech swimmers this season as he is excited to help everyone improve and see them race personal bests!

Board of Directors 2017-2018

President: Mike Stokesbury

Vice President: Leigh Huestis

Financial Officer: TBD

Secretary: Kjerstin Baldwin

Registrar: Marketa Glenn

PPP Manager: Daniëlle Grimbergen

Fundraising Chair: Cathy Beaulieu

Age Group Team Manager: Lisa Price

Nova Tech Team Manager: Chris Mills

Equipment Manager: John Duncan

Communications/Wesbsite Administrator: TBD

Member at Large: Janet Fairclough

Member at Large: Kerstin Henger

Training Programs

Goals of the Wolfville Tritons Swim Club Model:

  • To encourage athletes to develop to their maximum potential as swimmers and individuals through a commitment to personal excellence.
  • To create an atmosphere for athletes to acquire an understanding of the importance of setting and achieving individual goals.
  • To inspire athletes to develop an appreciation of the importance and process of working within a group toward a common goal(s).
  • To cultivate positive working relationships with other clubs and sport related organizations within the province of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.
  • To produce athletes on the provincial, regional and national levels through all of these pursuits.

WTSC offers the following programs:

  1. Novice Training Squad 
  2. Intermediate Training Squad 
  3. Junior B Training Squad 
  4. Junior A Training Squad 
  5. Senior Training Squad

Novice: Novice swimmers are those swimmers who have recently learned to swim & are able to swim a length on their front & their back. The objective of this group is to develop the skills required to make swimming easier & more enjoyable. In this group, swimmers will learn new skills such as diving into the water safely and swimming in a lane with other swimmers. This level of swimmer is able to compete at the participation level of Swim NS’s Nova Tech program thus introducing them to competition when they feel capable. This group swims 3 times/ week

Intermediate: The Intermediate group are those more capable swimmers who have developed skills in all 4 strokes. They are able to dive off the block & know how to turn. This group continues to develop their skills in the strokes and enhance their opportunities in competition. The swimmers in this group are encouraged to compete in the Nova Tech program and can advance through that program to the age group level. There are 5 competitions throughout the season & the Nova Tech season culminates in the provincial meet held in mid-May. This group swims 4 times/week

At no time are those who swim with us ever forced to compete if they feel uncomfortable doing so. So often young swimmers feel stressed by thinking they have to compete & so cannot enjoy what is offered. Those who have been with us for some time & did not want to compete have been known to change their minds as they become more comfortable.

Junior B: The swimmers in this group have graduated from Intermediate. They are also working to a higher level of competition, but this group also caters for the swimmer who has a greater load of other activities and wants to continue swimming but cannot commit to the necessary number of practices per week. Rather than be overwhelmed in a more intense group where the expectancy is attendance, this group may be for you.

The coaches do require communication regarding the attendance so practices can be created to be worthwhile. The swimmers in this group are those who have qualified from the Nova Tech program and the coach of that program feels they are capable of the extra work done in the Junior B group. This group is looking to qualify for the NS Junior Provincial Championships. The standards required for this competition can be found on

Junior B swimmers continue to work on the skills they were introduced to in the Nova Tech programs, but as they get stronger and swim more often they improve quite quickly. Again it must be stressed that competition is optional, but encouraged. This group do 4-5 pool practices and are introduced to dry land activities

Junior A: Junior A swimmers are those who have achieved the Junior Provincial qualifying standard, the work this group does is to assist them to qualify for the next standard which is the Senior Provincial Championships. (‘Junior’ & ‘senior’ are defined by the time standard & not age). Much of the work the Junior A group does is similar to the Senior group, only they do fewer practices.  This group does 6 pool practices & one dry land. A commitment of 70% over a one-month period of practices is expected to fulfill the expectations of this group.

To achieve the expected standard for this group a test set will be held on the third week of training. Those who are capable of fulfilling this set will be considered Junior A-others will be Junior B. This test can be challenged by a swimmer who feels they are capable after more training, and if they manage will be moved to the Junior A group. No swimmer in Junior A will be in the group without first having done the test set. This is done to assess the capacity of the swimmer for training at the next level. It is necessary to indicate to the swimmer the level of expectation required. If a swimmer cannot fulfill this, they will struggle personally and hold the group back. 

Senior: The senior group are swimmers who have senior provincial time standards and are 14 this swimming season OR have at least one national AG qualifying standard. The swimmers in this group spend a great deal of time in the water & are fairly dedicated to their sport. This group swim 8 practices and do 3 or 4 dry land workouts.

Swimmers in this group are expected to attend most practices, missed practices should be by mutual swimmer/coach consent & must be prior approved. The swimmers in this group experience fatigue due to the work they do – fatigue isn’t a reason for missing practice as the program is designed to include this. Swimmers for this group must achieve a test set planned for the 3rd week of practice. Achieving this set indicates they are capable of managing the pace of the group. As with junior A if a swimmer wishes to challenge the set they may once they feel capable. No swimmer in the senior group will be there without achieving the test set. This is done to assess the capacity of the swimmer for training at the next level. It is necessary to indicate to the swimmer the level of expectation required. If a swimmer cannot fulfill this, they will struggle personally and hold the group back.

Progression from one group to the next is at the coach’s discretion. For Junior A & Senior promotion the test set must be done.

Club Philosophy

The primary objective of the Tritons Swim Club is to provide an opportunity for all members to achieve their potential in the sport of swimming. Because swimmers join our club at various ability levels, individual progress in the sport will vary. At the early stages, coaches emphasize developing technical skills, encouraging a love of the sport, and creating a team atmosphere. As swimmers develop and their level of commitment increases, continued training will ensure opportunities to perform at their highest possible level.


Commitment, hard work, successful goal setting, and long-term planning will ensure a positive outcome for any athlete. The Tritons Swim Club strives to help members adopt these habits while, at the same time, enjoying all the fun that the sport of swimming has to offer.


Regardless of swimmers’ final standing in competition, the swim team experience will provide them with valuable resources that they can apply to all aspects of their lives.  Through the Tritons Swim Club’s emphasis on leadership, sportsmanship, and self-discipline, all swimmers will gain the opportunity to be the best they can be in the pool and to become better people in the process.

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