Tentative    Training Schedule 2018-2019  

***ALL swimmers are asked to be on deck 15 minutes before the start of practice time for activation. Activation will be especially important this year as we have less warm-up time in the pool.***

NoviceTuesday, Thursday and Friday 4-5pm 

Intermediate: Monday and Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm

                     Tuesday 5-6pm and Thursday 4:45-5:45pm

Junior B Monday to Friday 4-5pm

Junior AMonday to Friday 4-5:30pm

                       Saturday 7:45-10:00am 

Senior:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4-5:30pm

                   Tuesday 4-6 Thursday 4-5:45 pm

                   Saturday 7:45-10:00am

                   Morning practices TBA

Masters: Monday and Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm

                      Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:30am


During periods of inclement weather, Acadia campus will sometimes shut down, affecting our practice times. We encourage you to check the following for campus status before heading to Acadia.


When campus is closed, all facilities are closed and scheduled activities are cancelled (Including external bookings).


Campus Related Events: 902.585.4636 to receive a prerecorded message on campus status.

Acadia Website:  www.acadiau.ca for posted notifications.


In addition,the following local Radio Stations will be contacted regarding closures and will make public broadcast updates :

K-Rock 89.3

AVR 97.7

Magic 94.9

CBC 106.5

Our policy is that if the Athletic Complex is open, practice will be held at it’s normally scheduled time. If an exception is made and practice is cancelled outside of these circumstances, it will be posted here, on Twitter and on Facebook. 

***As always, even when practice is a go we leave it to each family’s discretion whether it is safe for them to travel that day. Please make the choice that your family is comfortable with.

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